Notable 2-Letter Dotcom Domain Name Sales

Domain Name Acquirer Price Source Date Reported
FB.com Facebook $8,500,000 Reuters Jan-2011
WE.com Tencent $8,000,000 NamePros Aug-2015
JD.com Jindong $5,000,000* DNJournal.com  and SEC.gov         Jan-2014

Why are 2-letter dotcoms selling for $5M-$9M? Great rarity, prestige, demand, and dwindling supply. Only 676 exist. Most have already been purchased and now support billion dollar brands. A sample in alphabetical order:

Domain Name Ownership Annual Revenue (2010)
AA.com American Airlines $20 Billion
BA.com British Airways $13 Billion
CA.com CA Technologies $4.5 Billion

Buyers of 2-letter dotcoms join a very exclusive club. Membership includes Google (gv.com, ar.com), Yahoo (av.com), Merrill Lynch (ml.com), Facebook (fb.com), Viacom (cc.com), Procter & Gamble (pg.com), Apple (me.com). To these enterprises, a $9M price tag is just a fraction of one day’s revenue. This represents a bargain when you consider dotcoms deliver exceptional value for a lifetime.

*$5,000,000 sale price of JD.com was reported as an estimate based on SEC.gov filings.

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